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AV Production

Creating videos that tell compelling stories!

Video production is not just a luxury, but a necessary component of your marketing mix. For more than two decades of experience in advertising, we have experienced that high-quality corporate videos are quite effective in promoting brands. We offer audiovisual service in Kolkata and India, producing high-quality corporate videos for ambitious businesses. We have a team of creative storytellers who know how to sell through the customer journey.

We connect through creative storytelling, a narrative principle that we apply to every audiovisual production. Like many others, we are also influenced, but our creative and technical expertise comes from observing a wide spectrum of cultural stimuli blended with music and futurism.

We are a creative video editing agency with a pool of talented writers, video producers, and video editors draw experiences in advertising, music, film and others to create compelling audio-visual projects that connect with audiences intellectually and emotionally.

“Not only create a technically sound video but making it an enjoyable experience.”

How Do We work?

You will share your ideas, style theme and inspiration with our designers and visualizers. We will provide you with full of ideas or just getting started.

Brand Awareness Videos

We ideate a brand awareness video considering the voice of the target audience. We first create buyer personas and then create an ideal backstory of the target audience. So, when we create videos, they will resonate with clients’ target audience.

Commercial & In-Market Video

We create commercial and in-market videos that are capable of increasing conversion rates on landing pages. Our focus is to create engaging in-market videos that will act as a versatile tool for salespeople through the customer buying journey.

Explainer Videos

We create bite-sized explainer video content, not more than 2 minutes in length. These versatile videos come in traditional animation, 3D, live-action and other forms. We also create content in a variety of genres, utilizing comedy, drama and others depending on the theme. Our forte is to create an engaging explainer video based on emotional schemes to communicate your business message.

Documentary Film

Documentary video production is a great way to leave a lasting impression on the target audience. We have expertise in making micro-documentaries that give customers an insight into the personality of a business.

We use advanced cameras and other modern equipment for shooting. Our long-form documentaries are often created using the ARRI Alexa with cinematic lenses and lighting. We have an in-house post-production team and fully equipped editing facility.

Case Studies