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Growing as a Team

We began our journey with a few handfuls of people, and now we have 50 members team. We believe in the hierarchy but that is not working in a strict boundary. Our working culture enriches individual growth, providing space to do their best work while being encouraged to involve in a creative pursuit. Over a period of time, we have nurtured a unique culture where each individual instinctively sacrifices his or her own ego in favour of reaching a shared goal.

  • Embrace Failure: We are in the creative domain and innovation, and it involves risk-taking and chances of failure. If anyone misses the mark, we as a whole analyse the situation and find ways to accomplish the objective rather than deter the effort.
  • More than One Solution: We have developed a culture where we always have more than one solution for our clients. We explore multiple options, and this exploration is encouraged for all.
  • Active Life Outside of Work: Since we are in a creative domain, we encourage our members to refill their energy with some creative pursuits, for example, pursue some hobbies, involve in productive and constructive activities apart from the daily work schedules.
  • We Don’t Know Everything: We never claim we know everything. This confession gives us a deep realization that seeking makes everything beautiful. We challenge ourselves and as a result, expand our expertise.

Cygnus Advertising firmly believes creative liberty and job satisfaction go hand in hand. The employee spirit thrives in Teamwork. We have various employee engagements and employee benefits that makes Life at Cygnus happening!

Team Cygnus

  • Ajoy

  • Arnab

  • Asim

  • Balvir

  • Bibek

  • Bidhan

  • Bikash

  • Biprajit

  • Bishwajit

  • Debashis

  • Gobinda

  • Indrani

  • Jayanta

  • Madan

  • Maitreyee

  • Niladri

  • Pratim

  • Priyak

  • Probir

  • Ranima

  • Sagar

  • Sagar

  • Samir

  • Sneha

  • Soumili

  • Subharup

  • Sumanta

  • Sumit

  • Suranjit

  • Susmita

  • Tanmoy

  • Tanmoy

  • Tirthankar

Passion, Energy and an Inquisitive Mind.

That’s all it takes to be a part of Team Cygnus. Are you?

If you're ready, please submit your resume at