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    Gloster Ltd

    Gloster Ltd established in 1897 is engaged in the manufacturing and exporting of all types of jute & allied products. It is one of the largest Jute Manufacturing companies in the country. However, Gloster Ltd was yet to establish its presence. Their objective is to establish a unique positioning in stakeholder communication, to reach out to more audiences and to drive a positive engagement.


    The purpose of this study was to engage in the discussion of how Gloster Ltd. coped with the growing demand for sustainability, and how Cygnus Advertising disclosed sustainability-related information to their stakeholders.


    • Our dedicated team of experts undertook the challenge with the following key strategies like strategic forethought with a planned photoshoot, differentiated approach pertaining to its annual and sustainability report and stakeholder communication at large. 

    • In general, sustainability has grown from ideas of corporate social responsibility. From a business perspective, it was a pretty difficult task to portray the CSR angle in the sustainability report because there is a growing trend among researchers who argue that corporate social responsibility (CSR) can enhance the competitiveness of an organization. 


    First to understand the principles of sustainability and how it enhanced the efficiency of the business. Also, we discussed with the concerned department to find out their CSR initiatives, and how it improved the lives of the communities around the areas of their operation. 

    Another important part was to collect and verify the data that showed how the company did reduce and manage the environmental impacts of their operations wherever feasible.

    Photography, Conceptualize & Ideation design & printing of the Sustainability Reports, usage of recycled printing materials.


    The First Sustainability Report was a great success and highly appreciated by the company’s shareholders, stakeholders, investors, members alike. 

    Our research, understanding of the business and maintain the ethos of sustainability in our work (usage of recycled printing materials) have garnered us a regular partnership with the company for the past 5 years.

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