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    Kolkata Police

    Kolkata Traffic Police


    For a nation as old as human history, the preservation of evidence has always been a great challenge. When Cygnus received a mandate from Kolkata Police Traffic Division to build a long-cherished dream of creating a modern Museum for the Division, it was a task most formidable, to say the least.


    Like any modern museum which must fulfil multiple needs of its visitors, KP Traffic Division Museum had to be designed with a vision to not only meet the multi-faceted role of KP Traffic Division but also stand out as an institute for learning and knowledge.

    Undaunted team of researchers with the continuous help of officers of the Kolkata Traffic Police Division painstakingly planned chronologically the evolution of the organization. Digging into the past and sourcing of material was a huge challenge. Meticulous planning supported by developing handcrafted miniatures and life-size models, Information Dissemination through a varied range of innovative Print & Digital media takes one through the fascinating story of not only the Traffic Division but provides an overview of a city which is over three hundred years old.

    The Museum with its state-of-the-art audiovisual room where a documentary film takes the viewers through the fascinating story of the Division.

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