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  • Client

    Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur
    • Objectives

      IIT Kharagpur had a specific task at hand with the following objectives

      • To create a state-of-the-art Centre of Excellence Gallery on the Indian Knowledge Systems
      • To create a comprehensive knowledge base about the exemplary Indian Knowledge Systems for a long lasting recall
      • All-round pursuit of research, development and application of IKS
    • Solution

      Cygnus Advertising offered the following solutions

      • Research – Extensive research and development were done to create the Centre of Excellence Gallery keeping all the elementary works on the Indian Scientific Heritage and the various branches of the Indian Knowledge Systems intact
      • Content Collation – Collation and aggregation of a constructive data base of works already done by experts within India and abroad
      • Social Media Promotion – Promotion of a digital archive of selected texts of IKS for all future research activities
      • Appropriate platform-based approach was organized in order to reach out to a wider audience network
    • Result

      The exclusive gallery on the Indian Knowledge Systems achieved the following landmarks

      • Critical appreciation of the gallery by key stakeholders of the Society
      • A holistic framework of education based on integration of the Indian value systems and deep ecosystem approach on the modern sciences
      • A recovery of interconnectedness of Cosmological, Ecological and Material Sciences of IKS and the Modern Sciences
      • The gallery had till date a massive footfall of around 15k people who visited it

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