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    Linen Club

    Linen Club

    Linen Club is a leading manufacturer of 100% pure linen fabric for more than 60 years. The entire linen collection is made from handpicked fibres sourced from France, Belgium and other parts of Europe, and spun, woven and dyed with the best European technology.

    Service: Developing the Brand Portfolio encompassing all the gamuts of Brand Communication ranging from Product Photoshoot with Brand Ambassadors for both Men’s & Women’s collections, designing and creating the Product Catalogue with its Summer and Winter Collection and accessories for its niche target audience.


    To establish the brand in pan-India with a wider reach among its targeted audience.


    How we made it happen:

    They say, there’s a story behind every brand. At Cygnus Advertising, we tell the stories to the world that everyone listens intently. 

    This company was different. It had a vision. It was about to attempt and succeed at the impossible. For an Indian textile maker to step up to the experience and standards of Europe and the West in textiles was virtually unthinkable, yet here was Linen Club, producing a superlative quality of linen fabric right here in India, going toe to toe with other global giants.

     It is here that the journey of fine linen in India began. A journey intertwined with the history of Linen Club. A brand that is today inseparable from the paradigm of fine linen in India and the world.

    We establish the brand with our strong creatives backed by exclusive photo shoots with models donning the superlative quality of the linen fabrics which catapulted the brand here in India.


    Our creativity is based on the Linen expertise, authority and scale.

    Linen Club is the pioneering brand of linen in India and has over 7 decades of expertise in weaving the finest quality linen fabrics. Today with 200+ exclusive stores, 7000+ multi-brand outlets, Linen Club is India’s No 1 linen brand.

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