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  • Client

    Kolkata Police
    • Objectives

      Kolkata Traffic Police had a specific task at hand with the following objectives

      • To drive an awareness program around crime and violence against women
      • To sensitize general population on prevention of crime against women
      • To achieve content virility through its theme for long lasting recall
    • Solution

      With the complexity of the problem, Cygnus Advertising offered the following solutions

      • Consumer Research – Extensive research and market analysis were done to identify key consumer behavior in a bid to arrive at the final approach
      • Content Production – End-to-end delivery of a short video film with a unique messaging. Starting from ideation to final production everything was handled in-house
      • Social Media Promotion – Appropriate platform-based approach was organized in order to promote the video across a wider audience network
    • Result

      The video production for Kolkata Traffic Police’s Sawal Pucho Campaign achieved the following landmarks

      • Critical appreciation of the content by key stakeholders of the Society
      • The video in general was viewed by over 5 Lacs people organically

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