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  • Client

    Kolkata Police
    • Objectives

      Kolkata Traffic Police had a specific task at hand with the following objectives

      • To drive an awareness program around crime and violence against women
      • To sensitize general population on prevention of crime against women
      • To achieve content virility through its theme for long lasting recall
    • Solution

      With the complexity of the problem, Cygnus Advertising offered the following solutions

      • Consumer Research – Extensive research and market analysis were done to identify key consumer behavior in a bid to arrive at the final approach
      • Content Production – End-to-end delivery of a short video film with a unique messaging. Starting from ideation to final production everything was handled in-house
      • Social Media Promotion – Appropriate platform-based approach was organized in order to promote the video across a wider audience network
    • Result

      The video production for Kolkata Traffic Police’s Sawal Pucho Campaign achieved the following landmarks

      Critical appreciation of the content by key stakeholders of the society
      The video in general was viewed by over 5 Lacs people organically

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